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Self Employed Insolvency Advice

The impact of personal insolvency upon the self employed debtor can be more far reaching than for someone who is an employee of an established company. The former could very well lose their livelihood whereas the latter probably won’t lose their job.

Personal has a highly specialised function of 20 people, solely dealing with debt restructures for the self employed and small business community. Personal employs a team of accountants and tax advisers dedicated to dealing with many varied insolvency cases each year.

Personal recognises that managing and developing a small business as well as juggling family finances are a very stressful state of affairs. Dealing with day to day customers, banks, trade creditors, VAT and Inland Revenue often adds far more stress to your normal daily work than is comfortable.

If you are in a situation where the bank is no longer willing to support your endeavours, then you will need to take remedial action to restructure business debt problems before your creditors take action against you.

All business people are eligible to apply for a financial overhaul which will avoid personal insolvency and provide the business will the following basic elements.

  • Provide financial protection from unsecured creditors while all the debts are restructured.
  • Avoidance of personal insolvency and its consequences in losing the family home and significant possessions.
  • Trade creditors all put on the same financial footing and legal action stopped.
  • Any outstanding Crown liabilities including Revenue and VAT renegotiated to allow the business to continue and hopefully flourish.

Personal has specialists which will complete the whole process on your behalf. Personal Insolvency works directly with your advisors where necessary, and will negotiate with all your creditors. We can use the relevant legislation to stop any creditor taking further action against you and your company while we put together the necessary proposals. Personal can even legally stop bankruptcy petitions or house repossession orders being executed in the short term, by means of an Interim Order, should this prove necessary.

Whatever self employed financial predicament you find yourself in there are many different debt solutions available. For completely impartial and professional advice please contact Personal on 0800 043 50 43 or complete our enquiry form and let us call you back.

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