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Personal Insolvency help and advice is available free of charge from one of the largest Insolvency Groups in the UK.

Personal is part of a major Group of Personal Insolvency Practitioners – one of the longest established and leading firms in the field of providing personal insolvency advice across the UK. The Group has access to more than 150 people and has network of local offices across the UK – providing local knowledge and access for all our insolvency customers.

Since 2002 the need for specialist personal insolvency advice has grown ever higher as more and more people start to suffer from the consequences of carrying too much debt. One of the principal reasons why personal insolvencies are growing at more than 100% per annum is the huge increase in the numbers of credit cards in the UK. There are currently more than 1600 different credit card brands all competing for your business. The credit card offers of balance transfers and 0% interest free periods have not solved the UKs unsecured debt problems but, if anything, have led to greater increases as people end up with more and more credit cards and consolidation loans.

Independent Debt Advice

During 2003 Personal was dealing with clients having an average of £20,000 unsecured debts, but by 2007 the average has more than doubled to £42,000. Personal Insolvency is able to offer completely free and impartial debt advice across the whole range of personal financial restructures available. It is worth noting that our whole Group of companies is completely independent of financial or legal ties with any major financial institution. Personal Insolvency has not been floated on the Stock Market meaning that we are truly able to operate on a no fee basis. If we are able to help you directly then we can go to the creditors for our commercial fees. If we only need to point you in the right direction then our advice is completely free at all times.

Whether you contact Personal Insolvency for immediate debt advice on our Free phone 0800 043 50 43 or our enquiry form we will always treat your particular circumstances with the utmost care and professionalism. All of our insolvency advisers have many years expertise in financial services and are always up to date on the latest debt consolidation and personal insolvency advice options. Personal does NOT operate any kind of call centre. The professional you confidentially discuss your financial circumstances with will remain your single point of contact to the successful conclusion of our dealings with you.

Alternatives to Insolvency

Personal can recommend a wide range of financial restructuring mechanisms to any of our clients. From whether you need help with talking to a single creditor about short term arrears all the way up to help completing bankruptcy forms, we can give you the correct advice in a completely unbiased fashion. Many of the people who approach us wanting advice on how to apply for personal insolvency do not actually need to do so. Personal Insolvency has a fantastic record of helping people avoid the stigma and other consequences of bankruptcy.

In the key area of personal insolvency we may additionally advise you on Pro Rata or Individual Voluntary Arrangements to enable you to avoid bankruptcy. Your professional adviser will always be able to provide you with a skilled assessment of exactly how you can get your financial life back on track.

Most personal insolvency problems can be resolved with five minutes telephone advice. If you have a debt problem then share it with us, without obligation, and we will give you advice on the many options available. Call us free today on 0800 043 50 43 or complete our enquiry form and we will ring you back at a more suitable time.

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