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Personal Insolvency Advice

Personal Insolvency is one of the most drastic steps you can take to restructure overwhelming debt problems. Although a personal insolvency restructure will completely clear those unsecured debts which you cannot afford to repay, for many people this could be far too harsh a step to take. There are a number of different refinance options available to help people with overwhelming debt problems.

The Government has recently introduced legislation to provide a major alternative to personal insolvency or bankruptcy to those with significant unsecured debts. The “second chance” legislation provides for a completely private arrangement without Court involvement.

If you qualify for this debt restructure procedure then you could get :-

  • One affordable monthly repayment to replace all your other debt payments.

  • Future interest and charges completely stopped or written off.

  • Avoidance of personal insolvency or potential house repossession

  • Complete debt freedom in 60 months only

Free Financial Advice - Solve Your Personal Debt Problems

Personal is part of a Group of companies dedicated to helping UK consumers solve their personal debt problems. Our Group has many years accounting and legal experience in dealing with all types of creditor organisations to negotiate substantial payment reductions for consumers with major debt problems. We have offices located throughout the UK including London, Newcastle, Cardiff, Manchester and Belfast.

Personal Insolvency is still one of the most serious steps that can be taken to remove overwhelming debts. Even though bankruptcy or personal insolvency could ultimately be your best option a second opinion, completely free of charge, is always worth having.

For free financial advice contact us now on 0800 043 50 43 or complete our enquiry form for an immediate opinion. It could save you a lot of time and money.

Please be advised that all of our initial advice and information is completely free and without obligation. However charges may apply if you decide to take advantage of one of our services.

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